A Potential 1972 Doubled Die

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1972-DDO-1c (1)

I recently ran across a 1972 Cent that looked THICK. The coin is fuzzy and the date looked bloated. I have some time tonight to dive into researching this issue, and I will add as many pictures as I can to clarify what I see.

On this 1972 1C Doubled Die, I always invert the coin to look at the date. This normally will easily show any machine doubling without question.
I try to shoot the pictures at the same angles and with the same lighting, but that does not always happen. If I am comparing coins, these coins may differ in tone and luster and make it difficult to have the exact same lighting. Additionally when I have to move from coin to coin or from area to area on the coin, in order to highlight a particular point, one may have to delicately adjust lighting to enhance the area.

Here is the Date on the 1972 1C DDO

1972-DDO-1c (3)

Here is a typical 1972 1C

normal-1972-1c (1)

In reference to the Date pictures above, notice the large flat areas on the 1972 1C DDO picture. The 1972 Doubled Die, the number “2″ has a much thicker base, and on the top part of the “7″ that is much thicker as well.

When I hunt for Doubled Die coins, my 2nd area I concentrate is the word “TRUST”. These letters should show a decent spread of any doubling. Here is the Word TRUST on the 1972 1C DDO

1972-DDO-1c (4)

In reference to the picture above, the word TRUST is far from crisp. But if one looks closely at any part of a letter that is pointing North to South, you will see a thin line that separates the doubling. I had to look at this coin several times to make sure I had the microsope focused and lighting correct. In the picture above notice how “thick” everything looks, especially the leg of the last “T”.

The picture below shows a typical 1972 1C word “TRUST”

normal-1972-1c (2)

Now for the word “WE”. On the 1972 1C DDO, this is super fuzzy. I think I can see a N-S line on the left side of the “W” and the “E”.

1972-DDO-1c (5)

The picture below shows a “normal” 1972 1C. The problem with the 1972 1C is that these cents suffered greatly due to a master dies being created which caused issues to happen on about 50% of the nearly 3 Billion 1972 cents. The pennies can show a slight doubling effect in the “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” when the penny is not a doubled die. So with that explained, here is about as normal a 1972 1C as I have with the focus on “WE”:
normal-1972-1c (3)

Ah, the word God. Not to use his name in vain, but the word “GOD” on the 1972 1C DDO took some time to get the lighting right. Under the microscope, I could see what appeared to be a semi doubled “G”, a DEFINATE doubled “O” and the “D” that was definitely separated. I have two pictures for the 1972 1C DDO directly below, under 2 different magnifications;

1972 1C DDO “GOD” Picture #1

1972-DDO-1c (7)

1972 1C DDO “GOD” Picture #2

1972-DDO-1c (6)

The picture Below is another “normal 1972 1C focused on the word “GOD”.

normal-1972-1c (4)

The 1972 1C word “IN” was almost made me laugh. I said to myself, “IN” has to go on a serious diet. Both letters on the 1972 1C DDO are about 1.5 to 2.0 times thicker than a normal 1972. Have a look at the 1972 1C DDO word “IN”

1972-DDO-1c (7)

The normal 1972 1C in is listed below. The word “IN” is another of the words that have issues on 50% of the coins made in 1972. The way to recognize the issue is to look on the left side of the “N” If there look like a really thin better defined leg of the “N” on a smoother rounded part of the lower “N”, then its probably a “normal” 1972 1C as depicted below;

normal-1972-1c (4)

So that brings me to the word “LIBERTY”. The 1972 1C DDO Liberty is definitely worse than the so-called normal “LIBERTY”. Look closely at the “L” , “B” on the 1972 1C DDO picture of “LIBERTY”:

1972-DDO-1c (8)

The normal 1972 1C penny is listed below;

normal-1972-1c (5)

and last but not least, these are the overall picture of the 1972 1c DDO Obverse;

1972-DDO-1c (1)

and the overall pictures of the 1972 1c DDO Reverse;

1972-DDO-1c (2)

If I did NOT have a AmScope microscope, I probably would not have seen the thicker date, and thus, not have paid as much attention to the words “In God We Trust” and “LIBERTY” on the 1972 1C DDO and may have missed the opportunity to have cherry picked this relatively hard to find 1972 DDO. Now the last thing to do is to determine which 1972 DDO this particular coin falls under.

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